Doxing Explained : Tutorial

 Information gathering is one of the Initial steps of any penetration testing project . Information gathering deals with gathering all the information you can gather about your target . This information might be gathered by doing online searches , phone calls , emails or other social engineering . Doxing is a more comprehensive term that explains guidlines on how this information can be gathered about your target .

What is Doxing?

Doxing is about to get an information about someone ! Simply it deals with the profiling of your target . Whatever information you get by researching your target comes under Doxing . Doxing defines a Step by step approach through which you profile your target . Here are some of the techniques :
  • -IP Address [80% effective, in my opinion its the best way to dox]
  • -Email [Not very effective,Useful in getting the victim’s social account]
  • -Home/Street Address [Shitty,Almost won’t work with you]
  • -Phone number [You may not get anything from that,Bad way]
  • -Name [There is 7 billion people in earth,The chances are extremely low to make a site/tool or whatever to determine the person you are looking for]



First lets talk about Doxing with Name,P Number,Address & email
First I want to introduce to you, my collection of doxing sites! These websites aid you in the information gathering process of the penetration testing , that is Doxing .

List of Websites used in Doxing : [An online crypter]

Every site have its own Tools. Each of the above listed websites will help you in different aspects of Doxing .
To dox with name,address or phone number , my suggestion is using .
If you plan to Dox with Email , then and are very helpful .


Procedure –

1-Get their ip via an IP Logger eg.
2-Use the ip tools at
3-Use or any other geoip site to get location . Getting the geolocation of your target is also very helpful for the further Doxing of the target .

But this is not it . It is always recommended to research on your own about the websites that can provide you with more fruitful information about your target . Now the add up to the above list of Doxing websites would be Classifieds websites etc . The more you dig deeper , more information you can find on your Target .


For Anti-IP Doxing Just make sure you always use a VPN like

Here is a list of links where you can go a nd remove yourself from the search indexes and prevent from being Doxed .

Spokeo :
Pipl :
ZoomInfo :
Whitepages :
PeopleSmart :
CheckPeople :
BeenVerified :
Intelius : 
US Search :