Netflix VCC Method [NEW]

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1) Download Ebixcash app from play store and sign up

2)Use a real number for otp confirmation.

 3)In document choose PAN card and type this format GDTPSXXXXJ (in place of X type any random number)

 4)After successfully sign up, take VCC from the ex-cash app.

 5)Now connect to Vpn with IP like USA or Ukraine(or any other country which has PayPal)

 6)Now open Netflix and select payment via PayPal and in that create a new account and then change the country to India in PayPal (don’t shift VPN IP, there is an option of the changing country in PayPal so change Country to India)

7)Fill all the info like random


Street xxx(any number in place of x)

City-New Delhi




And then wait for otp to come to your registered mobile number on Ebixcash and enjoy it.

Download Ebix cash with Link below-

Thank you for your trust and support ❤️

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