How to get free RDP upto 32GB RAM

This method only works for indian people.

How To Get Free Windows VPS/RDP On Android

Step : 

first go make a irctc imudra account for yourself(download app on playstore) 
(if you dont know how to make check youtube)
enter your real phone number and other detials can be entered fake
add atleast 2 rupees on the account aws will refund it no tension..

enter your details and mostly try to use real address

NOW AFTER YOU HAVE VEREFIED YOUR CARD YOU HAVE TO SELECT PLANS (verify phone number with textnow or 2nd line)

NOW HERE IS THE CATCH SELECT THE 29$ PLAN (do not select the free plan select the second one)

after that your account will be successfully created

just wait 1-2 days so that aws does all its verefication shit !
(have paticence dont be a dick)

now after directly launch 32GB ram rdp on your lightsail console

this account should work for 30 days i guess

after 30 days your account will be suspended and your card will not be charged

after 30 days are over again repeat the same thing

Thank you for your trust and support ❤️

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