Get Netflix For 30 Days Unlimited

What do you need  :
1- A Brain
2 - Germany IP - OR USE HQ VPN
3-  Free time

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1- Get you Germany IP, Use HQ VPN, don't use any free VPNs or this shit
3- IF IT'S 90% Will Work if less 90% Find another VPN
4- GO TO  - it's should Redirect You To Germany one
5- put your email Use " Gmail "  Not Temp mail
6- Next next, in payment method pick Credit Card
7- put random numbers, when it say payment refuse, Click Back for 2 or 3 times until you Reach Sign up page
8- you will find " NEXt, NEXT" Without ask you to put your email again
9- when you get back to payment Method, Pick IBAN - Bank Account
10 - GO TO: Random  Fake Info   and put the Fake Germany info
12 - GO TO: Fake IBAN  Click Here
13 - Before you put your iban, you will need to check if iban work or not

Check From here:

14- Now You Are Ready! Try From 3-5 Valid Iban and it will work! , if not just keep trying or change IP

 Must important Clean IP OR USE RDP

Thank you for your trust and support ❤️

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