Cracking pw password step -by step..

Step 0 - The Tools

1.Athena II

2.Raptor 3 -

3.Proxy Finder

4.Proxy Checker -

5.CForce -


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Step 1 - Athena II

1.Run Athena II.

2.Setup Athena II.

3.Click Start.

4.Wait about 5~10 min. and

click stop...

5.Copy Logins.txt from

Athena II folder to the




Step 2 - Raptor 3

1.Open Raptor 3.

2.Go to File > Open and in


the dialog open logins.txt


from desktop.

3.In Tools click "Remove



4.Go to Filet in Tools >


Click on "Custom Filters"


5.Right click in empty


spot > click "Add".

6.In filter name type


"bangbros" > Action: Keep


If > Filter Subject: Line


> Condition: Has > Amount:


Any > Filter: What:


bangbros > Click Ok.

7.Check the new made


filter and click filter


buton under empty spot.

8.In Generators select


"Pass Leecher" > Right


click at emty spot > click


on "Add" > Select


logins.txt from decktop >


click "Leech" buton under


emty spot.

9.Now go to File > Save


All > Save the file as


Combo.txt on desktop.



Step 3 - Proxy Finder


(Click to Hide)

1.Open ProxyFinder.

2.Click "Find" button.

3.When its done click


"Save" button and save as


Proxy.txt on desktop.



Step 4 - Proxy Checker


(Click to Hide)

1.Open Proxy Checker.

2.On Proxy field click


"Load" button and load


Proxy.txt from desktop.

3.Click "Start" button.

4.When its done click


"Save" button on


Responding Proxys field


and save as


CheckedProxys.txt on





Step 5 - CForce (Click to



1.Open CForce.

2.Click on "Auto" tab.

3.In url field type the


members login url from the


site that you want to



4.At "Proxy-List" field


click on "Load" button and


load CheckedProxys.txt


from desktop.

5.At "Combo-List" field


click on "Load" button and


load Combo.txt from



6.Click start and wait


till its done.

7.When its done you will


have working logins here.

It is pretty easy but only


for educational purpose so


any sort of problem you


face I am not personally



Thank you for your trust and support ❤️

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