Password PROTECT/ENCRYPT Internal & External Hard Disk Without Additional Software

•Go to start menu and search for bitlocker

•Open manage bitlocker [Windows 10] or bitlocker [previous windows]

•select a drive [hard disk]either from internal or your connected external hard disk,flash disk

•Click on turn on bitlocker on your preferred hard disk

•Choose password locking method and fill your password

•Click on save to a file for your back-up recovery method and click on save

•Choose encrypt used usb or encrypt entire drive and click on next

•finally click on start encrypting


~if you forget your password just go to your recovery password location that u save before and fill your recovery password 

~if you want to remove encryption or password just go to bitlocker and turn off bitlocker on the drive

~this method works for system drive,external hard disk,internal hard disk, usb[flash disk] ,sd card [memory]

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