Instagram Growth Method | Get Tons Of Followers Easy Method

Yes, You are at right place where everything is possible, This is The DeepNet and Today we are going to show you how to blow up your Instagram account and get 1k - 10k followers a week.

What will we need?

  • An Instagram account
  • A computer with Google Chrome
  • A functioning brain

First of all log in with your account on Google Chrome
(I think it’s a pretty easy thing to do)

Then go to the chrome extensions site and search for:

GrowBot Automator

Now try to think about which niche your account reflects the most,
for example if you have an account based on the world of food, obviously you will have to go and find a competitor with a good number of active followers who brings similar content to your page / or also private profile.

Once the page has been found, we will notice (again using our Chrome browser) that next to the Instagram logo, there will be an icon of a robot, well click on it

This small window will appear with the following buttons


Once the page is found, we will have to click on “Load Current Page’s Followers

or even on “Load Likers” (although I do not recommend using the latter)

Click on the first button, and an empty bar will come out with a 0 in it, that value indicates that the bot will start following all the most recent people who have put the follow to that page / profile.

Once the followers have been taken, click on the gear icon at the top right and go to set these safe settings:

Once we have finished putting these settings, we can proceed with following people, obviously we can also decide not to follow them, even to like their last photo, just put “Like User’s Latest [1] Pics when following”.

Now our bot will be fully functional and operational
If you want to renew the trial period, simply remove the extension at the end of the 7-day trial and re-download it.

I hope I have been helpful with this method, good growth everyone!

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