How to safely open suspicious software in Windows

ℹ️Often there are situations that you desperately need this or that program, but you are completely unsure of its origin.  What if infected?  Or another example - the need to test something on a "clean" version of Windows.  In all such cases, there used to be only one way out - to install the OS on a separate physical or virtual machine and conduct the desired experiment.

 I think that not everyone is delighted to be constantly worn out with dediks and virtual machines.  Few people know that Microsoft has developed its own sandbox for Windows 10, which allows you to run applications in a safe sandboxed environment.

 1. Start Control Panel.
 2. Open the Programs and Features section.
 3. Click on Turn Windows features on or off.
 4. Select Windows Sandbox and click ok.
 5. Restart the PC, the Windows sandbox application should appear in the menu.
6. To test the program, copy the file from the main system to the sandbox.
 7. Install and run the application in the sandbox.

🗒Even if viruses are present, they will not be able to penetrate the main system and will not cause significant harm.  But keep in mind that closing the sandbox will erase the file!

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