How to Hack any Device's Camera over Internet

Using Kali, or Termux, you can hack any device's front camera(be it PC or Mobile Phone) over Internet  using SayCheese tool


🌀 Kali Or Termux

🌀 Ngrok 

⚠️ If you are using Termux, please turn on your WIFI- Hotspot before using the tool

Steps to use:

• Download the repository by typing in the Terminal

git clone

•  Go to SayCheese directory by typing the command

cd saycheese

Make them executable

chmod +x *

• Run it


• Select Option 2 (Ngrok)

• Now, SayCheese will automatically download Ngrok and run it

• Copy the link

• Social Engineer it to the victim. Once he'll allow camera access

• Boom! SayCheese will automatically snap photos from the victim's camera

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