How to get more than 250 CVV Daily

Lets Go,

Download the Program MIRC .


And then Download and Install .

When u Install Open the MIRC

and u will get a Popup:



Email adress

Complete With real infos .

Then Go Connect to Server and u will get a blank page ..

then Go /Server

and u will connect to server and then u will need to type this :

/ns register password Email

Exp :

/ns register asd123 [email protected]

then u get e message u need to comfirm your nickname for 500seconds and u need to wait 8min and to Resend this again .

/ns register asd123 [email protected]

and u will REGISTER

and u will get a password and u will complete the Registration .

Then Complete all the Reg..

and Go /join #unix

and u will get a new Windows .

and u will Go to server .

and u get a lots of cvv +200 on day

================================================== ==

To Connect again when u Go exit u need to go on MIRC Open .

and u will pop up a that again name email adress and u will only type Connect server and u willl conect to the server . and u will press :

/msg nickserv identify and password u Register and u will login .

and again type /join #unix

and Done ...

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