Hide Files on ANDROID Without Third-party party Apps




•Despite the fact that most modern smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint scanner that reliably protects our data, sometimes we need to hide certain files from quick access. Frankly, this is not a typical need, but from time to time it can arise for everyone.

❕How to hide files on Android❔

✅Go to the file manager (files)

✅In it you are looking for the folder you want to hide (or create a new one)

✅Open the context menu by holding your finger on the file

✅Click “Rename”

✅Place a period in front of the folder name

❕For the changes to take effect - in the explorer settings, Disable the item "Show hidden files".

♻️For example, if you want to hide the Camera folder (or any other), rename it by adding one period at the beginning of the name. It should look like this - .Camera.‌‌

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