Create a shortcut by right-clicking on the desktop 

1. Choosing New and then choosing Shortcut 

2.The Shortcut wizard will  appears. In the box asking for the location of the shortcut 

3.HERE is the main thing that you must choose what the shortcut do from this

 ðŸ’  Shutdown -s -t 05 -c "shutting down"

 ðŸ’  Shutdown -r -t 05 -c "rebooting "

💠 Shutdown -l -t 05 -c "logging off"

4. Copy one of the above text on the wizard location by selecting the role of the shortcut 

5.finally click on NEXT and check it by double clicking the shortcut 


 -s  = shutdown the pc

-l = logs off the user

-t = duration of the delay, in seconds before performing an action

05 = the time of the delay u can change it

-c = message text that displayed in the system shutdown window,u can write whatever u want

-f = forces any running apps to shutdown

 -r = reboot the pc

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