Hotstar OTP Bypass Trick For The Use Of Hacked Accounts


Hotstar introduced otp, previously otp was not mandatory, now it will ask for otp on most of the hacked accounts you get it from various sources…

But We Have Solution For This !

1st Solution :-

Use older versions of HOTSTAR APK

{You Can Get This Easily From ApkMirror}

2nd Solution :-

Download App Cloner Apk

{You Can Get This From ApkMirror As Well }

Now Clone The Hotstar Apk In App Cloner

Login On The Cloned Apk

It Won’t Ask OTP

  • Working Tested Method [Android User Of Course]

  • If you are a cracker, then use paid combos mostly using them won’t ask for OTP as they are not R-A-P-E-D!

Happy Learning! 
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