How To Get Free HBO Max Forever | Working Method


  1. Download The HBO Max App Or Go To 

  2. Click Start Your Free Trial

  3. Put A Fake Name

  4. Download The Temp Mail App Or Go To 

  5. Copy The Temporary Email And Paste It To The Email

  6. Create A Password

  7. Go To  And Put In The Bin Which Is 515462001xxxxxxx And Click Generate

  8. Copy Any Of The Credit Cards And Paste It To The Credit Card Number

  9. Make Up Any Word And Put It As The Name On Card

  10. Make Up A Random Expiration Date

  11. Make Up A Random CVC

  12. Make Up A Random Zip Code And Choose A Random Place

  13. After Six Days Go To  And Cancel Your Free Trial And Then Log Out On The App

  14. Repeat With Different Credit Card Number And Email

(Note: you could just totally make up a random email)


Happy Learning

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