How To Create Unlimited Lifetime Lynda Premium Accounts For Free | New Method!


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Step 1: go to  , click on contact and then click on get a library card, and click on apply online button

Step 2: Fill out the form, with a working email and then click go

Step 3: you’ll get a barcode, copy it

Step 4: Click on login on the top right corner and enter your barcode and 1234 as password and click submit

Step 5: change your pin (leave it blank where it says pin/password) and enter it again, click submit. Save your new pin.

Step 6: go to , click sign in and choose to sign in with your organizational portal and enter  and click continue

Step 7: Enter your barcode and pin, click log in and create a Lynda account.
That’s all, now you have a premium lifetime Lynda account.

NOTE: This is reported that this method working as for 6th Nov 2019, If it stopped working at any stage, don’t complain. these methods could be get busted earlier.

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